Thursday, 16 April 2009

Paperplay Week 12 - texture

I did a very touchy feely layout of my DD1 (in the glasses) and her friend ... when you want photos of your teenagers the best way seems to be let them have your camera for a while. Of course it always helps if you are aware they have a lend of your camera (but that's another story.....)

Desmond fixed my sewing machine - big big cheer for my own personal Mr Fix It - so I was able to get the machine out and stitch the fabric down the side. Your really feel very artistic when your mucking around with a sewing machine!

The blue patterned strip is fabric ... then there is a 'ribbon' of fabric flowers across the sides...

And I cut the shaped title out from a Theresa Collins paper

And as the brief did state there must be ribbon on there somewhere ... I did add some at the end! You can just about see it here !


Niamh said...

I love this LO its gorgeous

Julie M said...

Wow - Liz, this is so cool. You should sew on everything!!! Love the pic too, Roisin's glasses are so funky. But her friend looks incredibly familiar, can't work out who she reminds me of.

Julie x

sandidune said...

One of your nicest LO's yet i think.
The sewn part looks gorgeous.